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LLC “LOGIKA” provides a wide range of equipment for paper industry to businessmen who are interested in building a new business or enlarge the existing one.

As Japanese proverb says “Even a sheet of paper has two sides”. The same with production process, we have the PRODUCT and it is the front side and technology is the back side. For success the two sides shall be of perfect quality.
This is our formula of business management.

All businessmen who are planning to start waste paper recycling business shall to be absolutely sure that they do the right thing. The market has a huge potential, all products are eco friendly and recyclable.

Our website “LOGIC OF PACKAGING” consists of two sections: EQUIPMENT and OWN PRODUCTION.    

EQUIPMENT section includes production lines for mould fibre products such as egg packaging, berry packaging, peat pots, industrial packaging, machines for paper bags and paper cups; machines for paper plates, paper cups, cake plates and cups.

OWN PRODUCTION section includes information on all products that we produce in our factory. We produce egg packaging 10, 10(Super size), 2x6, 2x4, 15 eggs. We also produce berry and fruit packaging for 250, 500 and 1000g. From autumn 2016 we start the production of peat pots.

All our products can be made of different colors, with printing and labels.